Initial evaluation and diagnosis

If you have concerns that your child is having problems focusing, and are interested in having them evaluated for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), please call our office to schedule an appt.

Initial evaluation for ADD/ADHD is done in a two-part visit. At the initial visit we will meet with you and your child, take a thorough history of the issue and their development, and perform a thorough neurological exam. You will be sent home with lab work for your child and paperwork to be completed by you and your child’s teacher. When this is complete please call our office to schedule the second part of the visit.

At the second visit, the labs and paperwork are reviewed and it is determined if your child meets the criteria for a diagnosis with ADD/ADHD and treatment options will then be discussed.

ADHD Follow up

If your child is on medication for management of their ADD/ADHD they will be seen in our office at least every 3 months to discuss their progress, review feedback from parents and teachers, monitor their weight, vitals, academic and social performance on medications. If changes are made or needed in medications or their treatment regimen more frequent follow up appts will be made.


Controlled Substance Contract

Parent Follow up Form

Teacher Follow up Form


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